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Top 11 Best Superhero Animated Series of 2023: A Definitive Ranking

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The world of animated superhero shows is a hidden treasure trove of incredible artistry. These shows often go unnoticed next to their blockbuster counterparts, but they truly deserve more love. Prepare to be captivated by the epic storylines that unfold across multiple episodes, taking you on unforgettable adventures.

But beware, not all superhero cartoons are created equal. Some are downright terrible, while others shine like beacons of brilliance. So, how do we separate the wheat from the chaff? Well, fear not! Fans have come to the rescue and ranked their favorite animated superhero shows. Get ready to uncover the cream of the crop!

Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past as you dive into the list of ’90s superhero shows. Ah, the ’90s, a golden age when superheroes were not as trendy as they are today. Back then, even the most beloved heroes struggled to make it to the big screen. But fear not, because the world of cartoons embraced these fantastic tales. They provided an affordable way to bring these heroes to life, no matter how wild or imaginative their stories may be. And the best part? Some of these shows even dared to delve into darker and more mature themes.

Now, it’s your turn to be a part of the action! Show your appreciation for these animated superhero shows by sharing your favorites. Let your voice be heard so that other fans can discover the true gems in this vast universe. Whether you binge-watch them or savor them over time, these top-notch animated superhero shows are guaranteed to provide you with days, if not weeks, of pure entertainment. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series

Premiered: September 5, 1992
Actors: Kevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist, Bob Hastings

2. Invincible


Premiered: March 26, 2021
Actors: Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh

3. Justice League

Justice League

Premiered: November 17, 2001
Actors: Carl Lumbly, George Newbern, Phil LaMarr

4. Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

Premiered: January 10, 1999
Actors: Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Cree Summer

5. The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Premiered: March 8, 2008
Actors: Josh Keaton, Lacey Chabert, Joshua LeBar

6. Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited

Premiered: November 17, 2001
Actors: Antoine M. Dillard, Natasha L. Dillard

7. Young Justice

Young Justice

Premiered: November 26, 2010
Actors: Jesse McCartney, Jason Spisak, Khary Payton

8. X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series

Premiered: October 31, 1992
Actors: Cathal J. Dodd, Cedric Smith, Norm Spencer

9. Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Premiered: July 19, 2003
Hynden Walch, Scott Menville, Greg Cipes

10. The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures

Premiered: September 13, 1997
Actors: Kevin Conroy, Mathew Valencia, Tara Strong

11. Spider-Man


Premiered: September 10, 1994
Actors: Christopher Daniel Barnes, Jennifer Hale, Ed Asner

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Michael Bennett
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