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Creative Ways to Monetize Your Gaming Skills

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Many are drawn to online gaming because it is fun, engaging, and interesting. You can find millions of online games, so there should be something for everyone out there. Besides these factors, more and more gamers are playing online because they want to master their skills and get rewards the more they play. Speaking of rewards, many gamers are also working towards becoming professionals because of their game’s potential for monetization. 

If you seek creative ways to earn money from your gaming skills, you are in the right place. This guide will explore the most popular methods of monetizing your gaming mastery.

Game Coaching

A certain level of expertise qualifies you as a game coach. To secure this job, you should have enough gaming experience and possess valuable teaching skills. You should be able to analyze player behavior, provide instructions, and respond to questions from your mentees. 

Furthermore, you also have to find your niche, meaning you have to be masterful in a particular game so you can focus on teaching that specific game. For instance, you can focus on teaching strategies in online casinos. You can also specialize in platforms like FanDuel Online Casino, among many other reliable sites. Coaching settings may vary from group to one-on-one. You can specialize in one or offer both. 

There are many ways to acquire students. You can first offer free coaching samples, set up a website featuring how-to blog articles focusing on gaming, or apply as a gaming coach on established platforms.


Game companies hire playtesters to test all of the features and aspects of a specific game application. This will allow the game developers to improve areas that need to be improved. As a playtester, you need to get back to developers with feedback that revolves around user experience. 

The most crucial information you can provide developers is the most appealing features and benefits of the games, the functionality of game controls and features, and the simplicity of game instructions, among many other factors. 

You can approach game developers and companies or seek job ads to secure this position. Offers vary from full-time and part-time to freelance. You just need to exhibit the essential requirements for the job, like the ability to meet deadlines, follow directions, and get back to developers with comprehensive and insightful feedback. 


Many are still on the fence about venturing into livestreaming their games. Well, this can yield income, but the beginning can be challenging. Many gamers ask themselves: Will I be able to draw an audience to my livestream? The answer is yes! Of course, many players out there are seeking tips on how to improve their gaming skills. And if you believe you’re skilled enough to share some guidance through a live stream, then you can try it. 

Besides seeking tips from live streamers, other gamers also want to connect with fellow gamers watching livestreams. Lastly, some audiences routinely watch their other gamers play just for the entertainment value and the exceptional gameplay.

In return, your audience may make donations or sign up for paid subscriptions. Moreover, you can also host special livestream events and require your audience to pay for tickets. If you have built your audience, you can draw in sponsors like gaming brands. Additionally, you can promote brands and earn commissions for doing it. Plus, if you’ve earned the “influencer” status, you can sell your own merchandise and double your profits in no time!

QA Testing

QA testers are different from playtesters. QA testers focus on the technical aspect of a game, while playtesters provide valuable feedback on user experience. As a QA tester, you must write bug reports, record crashes, play games, and provide technical feedback. 

Some companies don’t require a diploma for this job. However, securing a computer engineering or programming degree will be helpful. Moreover, you should have good writing skills to deliver bug reports efficiently. 

You can hold specialist positions as a QA tester, but that would come to you as you gain further experience. You can start by volunteering as a beta tester. Form here, you can explore job opportunities and network with fellow gamers who can help you land a QA tester job.

Participating in Tournaments

If you think you can compete with the level of skills you have, then you can decide to participate in tournaments. You can earn cash prizes, recruit sponsors, and become famous for participating in tournaments. You can join many tournaments in competitive games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. If it would be your first time to join a tournament, it will be helpful to be an audience first and watch live tournaments through sites like The International or Battlefy. 

Final Thoughts

More than entertainment, the multi-billion dollar gaming industry also promises countless monetization opportunities to gamers worldwide. If you are serious about making money out of your gaming skills, try the methods covered in this guide. You might be able to find career security and stability in this industry. 

Harper Wolfei
Harper Wolfei
Harper Wolfei, a writer and avid entertainment fan, has been actively involved in the film industry for the past 4 years. His particular interest lies in sci-fi and action movies.


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