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Best 11 Dinosaur Cartoons for Kids in 2023 – Ultimate Guide

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Dragons may no longer fly freely in our skies, but they still capture our imaginations through animated adventures and hold a special place in our hearts. Throughout the history of animation, fantastical creatures have always been a hit, and it’s no surprise that dinosaurs, with their awe-inspiring presence, have become beloved characters in animated series. From hilarious and educational to wildly imaginative or loosely based on scientific facts, dinosaur cartoons have left an indelible mark on both our childhood and adult memories.

The animated shows featured on this list all revolve around dinosaurs in some way or another, and they were ever-present companions during those lazy weekend mornings in front of the TV and those procrastination-filled after-school hangouts. So, let’s embark on an exciting journey to rank the top dinosaur cartoons that have entertained us throughout the years, from the absolute best to the ones that may have missed the mark.

1. The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time
Take a trip back in time to a world before humans, where a courageous young dinosaur named Littlefoot and his tight-knit group of pals embark on exciting adventures. Along the way, they learn important life lessons through heartwarming stories and stunning animation. This timeless classic pays homage to the bonds of childhood friendship and the difficulties of maturing, captivating audiences of all ages.

Premiered: March 5, 2007
Actors: Rob Paulsen, Jeff Bennett, Nika Futterman

2. The Flintstones

The Flintstones
Get ready to laugh non-stop as you join the hilarious adventures of America’s beloved Stone Age family in a world where dinosaurs have become cuddly household pets. You’ll be entertained by iconic characters like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, as well as their eccentric neighbors and pets. Get ready for a wild journey through Bedrock that delves into timeless topics such as the importance of family, marriage, and friendship.

Premiered: September 30, 1960
Actors: Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc

3. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
Join six teenagers as they find themselves stranded on Isla Nublar, surrounded by dangerous dinosaurs and sinister plots. This thrilling series perfectly balances the excitement of an adventure with the constant danger of survival. Get ready for an intense and captivating story that also teaches important lessons about teamwork, courage, and self-discovery.

Premiered: September 18, 2020
Actors: Paul-Mikél Williams, Jenna Ortega, Ryan Potter

4. Valley of the Dinosaurs

Valley of the Dinosaurs
Get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible world where a contemporary family is stranded among massive prehistoric creatures. This captivating series effortlessly combines thrilling adventures, educational content, and touching moments, taking viewers on a mesmerizing journey to a fascinating era that they’ll want to experience again and again.

Premiered: September 7, 1974
Actors: Jackie Earle Haley, Melanie Baker, Shannon Farnon

5. LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar

LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar
Get ready for a thrilling adventure in Jurassic World! Join Owen, Claire, and their team as they go all out to safeguard the dinosaurs and navigate through hilarious mishaps. This action-packed romp is not only entertaining but also incredibly exciting.

What sets this movie apart is its incredible animation. The visuals are so vibrant and lifelike, it’s as if you’re right there in the world of LEGO and Jurassic Park. And the best part? The film combines the iconic LEGO building elements with the beloved Jurassic lore, creating a truly unique and visually stunning experience.

Prepare to be entertained by the perfect balance of humor and excitement. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the comedic calamities our heroes face, while also being on the edge of your seat as they battle to protect the resident dinosaur population.

Don’t miss out on this unmatched visual spectacle. It’s a must-watch for fans of both LEGO and Jurassic Park. Get ready to be captivated by the fun and exhilaration that awaits you in Jurassic World.

Premiered: July 6, 2019
Actors: Ian Hanlin, Britt McKillip, Dhirendra

6. Godzilla: The Series

Godzilla: The Series
This series is gonna pull you in with its powerful narrative. It follows Dr. Nick Tatopoulos and his ragtag team as they team up with the colossal reptilian defender to take on all sorts of monstrous threats. The animation style is seriously impressive and the plot is full of exciting twists and turns. If you’re into that human-dinosaur camaraderie stuff, this is a must-watch.

Premiered: 1998
Actors: Ian Ziering, Malcolm Danare, Rino Romano

7. Beast Wars: Transformers

Beast Wars: Transformers
Step into a world that goes far beyond human mythology and technology. In this epic battle, the Dinobot Transformers, sentient tribes, are fighting for dominance over territories bursting with energon. With captivating storylines, mind-blowing computer animation, and endless creativity, this classic promises non-stop entertainment from beginning to end.

Premiered: September 16, 1996
Actors: Scott McNeil, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett

8. Extreme Dinosaurs

Extreme Dinosaurs
Get ready for an exciting adventure across dimensions, where brave dinosaur heroes fight to protect Earth from sneaky alien reptiles. This awesome animated series is all about teamwork, never giving up, and showing incredible bravery. With a perfect mix of action, humor, and captivating storytelling, it will keep you glued to your seat, eagerly awaiting what happens next.

Premiered: 1997
Actors: Scott McNeil, Cusse Mankuma, Garry Chalk

9. Cave Kids

Cave Kids
Looking for a fun and educational series? Well, look no further! We’ve got an enchanting show that’s a spin-off from The Flintstones. It’s all about the exciting escapades of Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs. Get ready to go on a journey of discovery and adventure as this series unravels the mysteries of prehistory. Trust us, it’s both entertaining and educational, guaranteed to charm viewers of all ages.

Premiered: 1996
Actors: Frank Welker, E.G. Daily, Aria Curzon

10. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure
Get ready for an exciting new rollercoaster adventure that will leave you breathless! This thrilling spinoff takes us back to Isla Nublar, where our beloved teenage heroes face exciting new challenges. It builds upon the original series, offering captivating stories that teach us important lessons about resilience, teamwork, and surviving tough situations.

Premiered: November 15, 2022
Actors: Paul-Mikél Williams, Jenna Ortega, Ryan Potter

11. Godzilla

Get ready to immerse yourself in the incredible world of kaiju culture with Toho’s timeless classic. This unforgettable tale brings to life a gigantic mutant dinosaur that unleashes chaos on the shores of Japan. But wait, there’s more! Alongside this fierce beast, you’ll also encounter other lesser-known yet equally determined creatures.

This mind-blowing live-action film not only captivated audiences, but it also paved the way for an entire animated series. Its impact on the kaiju genre cannot be overstated, as it set the stage for countless generations of monstrous creatures to follow. It’s safe to say that this film has made an indelible mark on cinematic history.

Premiered: September 9, 1978
Actors: Ted Cassidy, Don Messick, Jeff David

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