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11 Best Fantasy Romance Films of 2023

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Looking to escape into a world of enchanting love stories? Your search ends here! These mesmerizing fantasy movies are the crème de la crème of the genre. They’re guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your next movie night with your special someone. What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly blend fantastical elements with captivating tales of love. Timeless examples include The Princess Bride and Ghost. But do these movies truly reign supreme in the realm of fantasy romance?

The ultimate fantasy romance films are the ones that weave relatable love stories into extraordinary settings. It’s time to settle the discussion and unveil the all-time greatest fantasy romance movie. Be sure to return later to see how fellow viewers ranked your favorites, and uncover thrilling new additions to the world of fantasy romance.

1. Stardust

Traversing the wall between realms, there’s this brave young guy who becomes totally captivated by a fallen star. And let me tell you, it’s not just any star – this star sets off a whole mesmerizing story filled with magic, love, and adventure. Plus, it’s got a fantastic cast that includes Claire Danes as the radiant Yvaine and Michelle Pfeiffer as the wicked witch Lamia. Trust me, this visually stunning film has definitely won over the hearts of fantasy romance fans. Once you start watching Stardust, you won’t be able to look away until the end. It’s that captivating.

Released: 2007
Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Actors: Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro

2. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride
This beloved classic captivated audiences with its epic tale of true love triumphing over all obstacles. A masterful mix of whimsy, wit, and heart, it has charmed fans for decades. Cary Elwes as Westley, Robin Wright as Buttercup, and Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya delivered memorable performances that continue to resonate with viewers. With its clever combination of humor and romance, it has secured its place as a timeless favorite in the realms of both fantasy and love stories.

Released: 1987
Directed by: Rob Reiner
Actors: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin

3. Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted
Anne Hathaway absolutely shines in this amazing film adaptation of Gail Carson Levine’s novel. The story revolves around her character being cursed with the gift of obedience. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom! Ella Enchanted is filled with lively musical numbers and a fantastic supporting cast, including Cary Elwes and Minnie Driver. Seriously, these guys add so much charm to the movie.

Speaking of charm, this modern fairy tale is packed with humor and romance. It’s a delightful journey that shows us that love can conquer any curse. Trust me, you’ll be enchanted by the quirky and magical world of Ella Enchanted. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a fun-filled and heartwarming experience.

Released: 2004
Directed by: Tommy O’Haver
Actors: Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes

4. The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline
The Age of Adaline is a romantic drama with a really interesting concept. It’s about this woman, played amazingly by Blake Lively, who stops aging after a strange accident. So, she’s going through the years without getting any older. Along the way, she meets this charming guy called Ellis Jones, played by Michiel Huisman. This encounter makes her confront her past and think about what will make her truly happy in the future. The movie is just stunning visually and the storytelling really tugs at your heartstrings. It’s a beautiful exploration of love that transcends time.

Released: 2015
Directed by: Lee Toland Krieger
Actors: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker

5. About Time

About Time
This heartwarming tale of time travel and love features amazing performances from Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, and Bill Nighy. Directed by Richard Curtis, it tells the story of Tim Lake, who unexpectedly discovers his ability to travel through time. Using this newfound power, Tim sets out on a quest to find the love of his life. This film is a beautiful mix of fantasy and romance, offering plenty of food for thought. It serves as a gentle reminder to treasure every precious moment we share with our loved ones.

Released: 2013
Directed by: Richard Curtis
Actors: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

6. Cinderella

Disney’s live-action retelling of Cinderella breathes new life into the timeless classic. The film follows the story of Cinderella, portrayed by Lily James, and her charming prince, played by Richard Madden.

One of the standout aspects of this retelling is the breathtaking costumes, which transport viewers into a world of fantasy and enchantment. The visual effects are nothing short of mesmerizing, adding an extra layer of magic to the already captivating tale.

Cate Blanchett’s performance as the wicked stepmother is truly outstanding. She brings a depth and complexity to the character, making her more than just a one-dimensional villain. Blanchett’s portrayal adds an intriguing element to the story, making it even more compelling.

What makes this film truly special is its ability to capture the essence of the original fairy tale while infusing it with fresh emotional depth. The story of Cinderella is a timeless one, centered around themes of love and courage. This retelling reminds us that kindness can have a profound impact on our destiny.

Overall, Disney’s live-action Cinderella is a delightful and enchanting film. It takes us on a journey filled with magic, beautiful costumes, and outstanding performances. It serves as a reminder that even in a world filled with hardships, acts of kindness can truly change our lives.

Released: 2015
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Actors: Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden

7. Your Name

Your Name
Makoto Shinkai’s incredible animated film has received widespread acclaim for its captivating story. It revolves around two teenagers who find themselves inexplicably swapping bodies, embarking on a heartfelt journey of emotions, love, and self-discovery. The film’s breathtaking visuals and deeply moving narrative have struck a chord with audiences all over the globe, propelling Your Name to become one of Japan’s highest-grossing movies ever. This timeless tale delves into the boundless power of love that transcends both time and space, leaving viewers pondering its profound implications even after the final credits roll.

Released: 2016
Directed by: Makoto Shinkai
Actors: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Masami Nagasawa

8. The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water
Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning masterpiece, The Shape of Water, tells a one-of-a-kind love story. It revolves around a mute woman, beautifully portrayed by Sally Hawkins, and an amphibious creature. The film captivates its audience with a visually stunning Cold War-era setting, taking them on a journey that delves into the themes of tolerance, empathy, and the incredible power of love. The Shape of Water is a truly unforgettable cinematic experience, thanks to its mesmerizing visuals and outstanding performances from the entire cast.

Released: 2017
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Actors: Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins

9. Enchanted

Enchanted is a Disney film that combines animation and live-action in a truly captivating way. Amy Adams takes on the role of Giselle, a princess who is banished from her animated world and finds herself in modern-day New York City. It’s here that she meets Robert, played by Patrick Dempsey, a divorce lawyer with a rather cynical outlook on life. Together, they embark on a journey to unravel the complexities of the real world.

This movie is an absolute delight, filled with a perfect blend of humor, romance, and magical musical numbers that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Enchanted is not just another fairy tale adaptation, but a heartwarming tribute to the beloved classics we all grew up with.

Released: 2007
Directed by: Kevin Lima
Actors: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
This swashbuckling adventure is an absolute thrill ride! Join Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the incredible Johnny Depp, as he teams up with Will Turner, portrayed by the talented Orlando Bloom, to rescue his beloved Elizabeth Swann, brought to life by the amazing Keira Knightley, from a crew of cursed pirates. Trust me, this movie is one for the books!

Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow is simply iconic. He brings a unique charm and wit to the character that will have you hooked from the start. Not to mention, the plot itself is incredibly engaging, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away!

But it’s not just about the action and adventure; there’s an underlying love story that adds an extra layer of magic to the film. The passionate romance between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann will tug at your heartstrings, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy romance. This movie has it all – action, adventure, and a love story that will leave you swooning.

In short, this cinematic experience is one you won’t want to miss. With its thrilling storyline, unforgettable performances, and a touch of fantasy romance, it’s a journey you’ll be glad you embarked on. So grab some popcorn, settle into your seat, and get ready for an epic adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew!

Released: 2003
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Actors: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom

11. Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures, the film adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s best-selling novel, takes viewers on a captivating journey into a world filled with magic, secrets, and romance. With its mesmerizing storytelling, lush southern gothic settings, and powerful performances, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the fantasy romance genre.

Released: 2013
Directed by: Richard LaGravenese
Actors: Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons

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