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11 Best Anime Side Couples That Deserved More Screen Time in 2023

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Romantic sparks fly in anime, igniting a fiery passion within us. These love connections add a much-needed touch of emotion and sizzle to our favorite series. But here’s a secret: it’s not always the leading lovebirds who steal the spotlight. Sometimes, it’s the captivating side couples that truly mesmerize us. Even when the main duo dazzles, there are hidden gems awaiting discovery.

Let’s take a trip to the world of Naruto, where Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship has won hearts left and right. Their connection is adored by many, making us yearn for more. Yet, let us not overlook the lesser-known duos, such as Jin and Misaki from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Their love story delves into unexpected depths, with twists and turns that keep us on our toes. It’s a rollercoaster ride we can’t help but be enthralled by.

Now, it’s your turn to reveal the anime side couples that have captured your imagination. Which hidden romances would you love to uncover? Share your thoughts and let the enchantment unfold!

1. Hawkeye & Mustang – ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’

Hawkeye & Mustang - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang may not officially be in a romantic relationship, but their connection is as close to being canon as possible. If Fullmetal Alchemist had more time to delve into their story, it’s hard to imagine them not taking their relationship to the next level.

It’s not just about wanting to see their love develop; we also secretly hope they would get married and start a family. We’re curious to know if Roy would be a dad like the legendary Maes Hughes or if he would have his own unique parenting style.

2. Shikamaru & Temari – ‘Naruto’

Shikamaru & Temari - 'Naruto'
Most of the end game ships in Naruto have both haters and supporters. However, it seems that almost everyone is in favor of Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship. Their dynamic closely resembles that of Shikamaru’s parents. Like his father Shikaku, Shikamaru is lazy and makes mistakes that often frustrate Temari, just like Shikamaru’s mother did. But beyond their bickering, there is a strong connection between two equally strong and intelligent individuals with their own goals and ambitions.

It would be interesting to learn more about the development of their relationship and what happens in their marriage during the Boruto era when they aren’t engaged in battles.

3. Kabakura & Hanako – ‘Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku’

Kabakura & Hanako - 'Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku'
Narumi and Hirotaka may be at the beginning stages of their relationship, but their co-workers Kabakura and Hanako have already been together since high school. However, their relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It turns out that they have been arguing since they were kids, starting with disputes over the volleyball court.

Most of their arguments, though, are quite surface-level. Kabakura feels a bit insecure about being involved in Hanako’s yaoi obsession, while Hanako isn’t exactly thrilled that the anime girls Kabakura fancies look and behave nothing like her. Despite these issues, their love for each other is genuine. They tackle their problems like mature adults and maintain an overall positive relationship. It would have been really enjoyable to witness more of their dynamic.

4. Haru & Rin – ‘Fruits Basket’

Haru & Rin - 'Fruits Basket'
Fruits Basket has a multitude of side couples, all of which we would love to see further developed. However, one relationship that truly stands out is the bond between Haru and Rin.

Both Haru and Rin are part of the Sohma clan’s Zodiac, meaning they have the ability to transform into animals from the Chinese Zodiac – Haru as the ox and Rin as the horse. Unfortunately, they are both subjected to the control and abuse of their “god” Akito. Their lives have been far from easy, although Rin has faced particularly harsh circumstances. Her parents initially pretended to love her, only to suddenly turn cold and cruel. To make matters worse, Akito despises her, often blaming women more than men for any romantic relationships within the Zodiac. As a result, Rin suffers from intense physical abuse inflicted by Akito.

Throughout all the hardships, Haru remains Rin’s main source of emotional support. He is the one person with whom she can relax and have fun. Yet, their moments together are mostly overshadowed by pain and crisis. It would be refreshing to witness scenes of them simply enjoying each other’s company – perhaps playing video games and indulging in snacks, or even transformed into animals grazing peacefully. Regardless of the activity, it would be a welcome change to see more of their joyful moments, free from misery.

5. Chizuru & Ryu – ‘Kimi ni Todoke’

Chizuru & Ryu - 'Kimi ni Todoke'
Kimi ni Todoke’s main focus centers around the shy Sawako Kuronuma and the popular Shouta Kazehaya. Their relationship is truly remarkable, but what makes the series a classic is the presence of side couples. Among them, the dynamic between Chizuru and Ryu, childhood friends with contrasting personalities, stands out as particularly captivating.

Initially, their journey towards a romantic relationship is hindered by Chizuru’s infatuation with Ryu’s older brother, who only sees her as a younger sister. Meanwhile, Ryu himself harbors deep feelings for Chizuru. After some internal conflict, Chizuru eventually develops feelings for Ryu, leading to a compelling love story. These two characters are just as intriguing as the main couple, and it would be delightful to witness their story receive more screen time.

6. Krillin & Android 18 – ‘Dragon Ball’

Krillin & Android 18 - 'Dragon Ball'
Romance may not be the main focus of the Dragon Ball series, but it wouldn’t hurt to explore the development of its couples a bit more. Take, for example, the marriage of Krillin and Android 18. Unfortunately, the series doesn’t delve into the details of how their relationship blossomed. All we get is a scene where Krillin uses one of his wishes from Shenron to remove bombs from Android 18’s body, and she expresses her gratitude.

But how did they actually end up together? What led them to decide on marriage? And what are Android 18’s thoughts on their daughter having a name similar to Krillin’s ex-girlfriend? These are the burning questions that fans want answers to!

7. Hinata & Yui – ‘Angel Beats’

Hinata & Yui - 'Angel Beats'
The relationship between Yui and Hinata in Angel Beats is one of the main reasons why this series brings tears to almost everyone who watches it. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who have passed away prematurely and are trying to find fulfillment in their remaining time. It is revealed that Yui, before her death, lived as a quadriplegic due to an accident when she was only four years old. She spent most of her days in bed, under her mother’s care, and watching television.

One of Yui’s desires in life was to experience marriage. When Hinata discovers this, he takes it upon himself to bring her happiness. He creates an imaginary tale about how they would have met and fallen in love in the real world. He vividly describes his proposal to her and envisions their life together as a married couple. This moment of bliss allows Yui to finally let go of her past and embrace the next chapter of her existence.

While we don’t necessarily want the storyline to change, adding a more developed love story between Yui and Hinata beforehand would have made this moment even more powerful and emotional.

8. Sanae & Akio – ‘CLANNAD’

Sanae & Akio - 'CLANNAD'
Sanae and Akio Furukawa have been hailed as some of the greatest anime parents ever. They selflessly put their own dreams on hold to take care of their daughter Nagisa, who faced serious health issues. Surprisingly, they didn’t harbor any resentment towards this sacrifice. They made it evident that their child’s well-being became their new dream. What’s even more remarkable is that they welcomed their daughter’s boyfriend, who eventually became her husband, to live with them.

These two aren’t just exceptional parents; their love for each other is also undeniable. It’s amusing to witness Akio pretending to enjoy Sanae’s less-than-stellar bread, but it would be fantastic to delve deeper into their relationship as a couple. Perhaps a spin-off showcasing their younger days would be a delightful addition.

9. Ishikawa & Yuki – ‘Horimiya’

Ishikawa & Yuki - 'Horimiya'
This relationship hasn’t really taken off yet, despite both parties being interested. Yuki likes Ishikawa but believes he’s interested in someone else and doesn’t want to hold him back. On the other hand, Ishikawa genuinely likes Yuki but can’t seem to convince her of his feelings. Even though he turned down the other girl, Yuki still feels insecure.

To help Yuki reject an unwanted suitor more easily, they end up fake-dating. However, this doesn’t lead to a real relationship between them. But there’s still hope as Ishikawa is determined to make it work. We really want to see them together, and for that, they need more screen time.

10. Seo & Wakamatsu – ‘Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun’

Seo & Wakamatsu - 'Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun'
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun delves into the theme of love and its complications, highlighting instances where relationships falter due to misunderstandings and a lack of emotional communication. While the central couple brings a lot of enjoyment, there are other pairs that deserve more attention.

One such duo is Seo and Wakamatsu, whose relationship is intriguing. Wakamatsu believes he despises Seo due to her assertive nature and the fact that she completely dominated the male basketball team with her exceptional skills. This stress has even led to Wakamatsu developing insomnia. Interestingly, Wakamatsu is infatuated with Lorelei, a talented singer in the choir club. Her melodic voice has the power to effortlessly lull Wakamatsu to sleep. Unbeknownst to him, Lorelei is actually Seo herself. On the other hand, Seo harbors feelings for Wakamatsu but remains unaware of his negative sentiments towards her.”

(Note: The text has been rewritten in a more neutral and informal tone while maintaining the original quotes.

11. Dominic & Anemone – ‘Eureka Seven’

Dominic & Anemone - 'Eureka Seven'
Life hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for Anemone. She went through some seriously messed up experimentation to become a Coralian, experiments that would have crushed anyone else. Thankfully, her handler, Dominic, is there to keep her powers in check and give her injections to ease the physical symptoms caused by those experiments. But here’s the twist – these injections also make her more bloodthirsty, which conveniently makes her a more effective weapon for Dewey.

Now, despite this rocky and less-than-ideal beginning, these two actually end up falling head over heels for each other. Dominic is the only person who genuinely seems to give a damn about Anemone. He’s even ready to defy his superiors to assist her. We’re dying to know how their relationship progresses and what life is like for them after the series wraps up.

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